At the Benefits Management Team we work primarily with the self-employed who are looking for affordable health insurance coverage. 

Obamacare changed a lot of things for the self-employed in terms of affordable health care coverage. Essentially, under the Affordable Care Act, coverage is good for people who are sick and/or have low incomes and can get government subsidies to lower their monthly premiums.

The group that Obamacare does not work well for are healthy individuals and people who earn too much money – and those who are self-employed in this regard are burdened with high premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. Typically, the self-employed are very busy people who often simply don’t have the time to worry about their health status. They work hard and their families depend on them. However, they would be very exposed if they incurred serious health issues. Also, we find when reaching out to these clients, they are unaware that there are lots of health coverage options coverage options available to them off the market-place that are not only more affordable, but would also give them and their families full health coverage.