Obamacare in 2016 – Pros and Cons

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In this very informative video, Drew Ellefsen, co-founder and COO of the Benefits Management Team, discusses the 2016 health insurance market under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Drew covers the pros and cons of the current market place for those under 65. Essentially, Obamacare has worked well for those who were denied coverage in the past, either because they were sick with preexisting conditions, or had low incomes. However, those who are healthy and earn too much money to receive a subsidy have been faced with rising costs, a more restrictive network, and very high out-of-pocket expenses.

Drew explains that there are health insurance policies on the market that cover essentially the same things that health insurance covered before Obamacare. If you are healthy and make too much money, there is an alternative option for you. These are fully underwritten major medical policies and supplemental policies where you can get great coverage and eliminate most of your out-of-pocket expenses - all for much lower monthly premiums.