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Supplemental Health Insurance

If you were injured today or became seriously ill, do you have money set aside to pay your total out-of-pocket costs? Supplemental Health Insurance will protect you.

In an instant everything can change - most people aren't financially prepared for the unexpected financial burden of serious illness and accident. This is especially true if you are self employed and a business owner. Faced with the sudden burden of large out-of-pocket expenses you can control how this will affect you and your family with an affordable supplemental health insurance plan.

We have partnered with the top carriers that will pay you directly cash benefits for the unexpected - accidents, cancer, heart attacks, stroke and hospital stays due to sickness.


supplemental health insurance



  • Pays covered out-of-pocket expenses not covered by other plans up to the selected benefit amount, no matter how many accidents you have.
  • No waiting period.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment benefits.


You are painting your house and fall off the ladder breaking your hip. Your deductible is $6,850 which you will have to fund as the average hip replacement costs a lot more. With this supplement you will only have to fund $250 and the balance will be fully covered.

benefits management team



  • Lump-sum benefit for a covered first-ever cancer diagnosis and a covered heart attack or stroke.
  • Pays regardless of other coverage you have.


Following a routine colonoscopy you were diagnosed with colon cancer. After a year, your medical bills were really adding up! If this formed part of your plan, your entire deductible would be covered,  and you would have no out-of-pocket expenses

cover out of pocket expenses



  • Lump-sum benefit paid on first covered day of hospital admission.
  • Pays regardless of other coverage you have.


You are admitted to hospital with pneumonia and your bills exceed your $6,850 deductible. If this coverage formed part of your plan all of your out-of-pocket expenses would be covered.

See how the Benefits Management Team can help you.