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Health Insurance

Having the right medical insurance is critical for you and your family - get a plan from our professionals that fits your budget

Finding the right medical plan can be very confusing; there are so many options to choose from that it is often difficult to make sense of it all. You do not want to be stuck with a plan that is not only very expensive but also does not cover you for all your out-of-pocket expenses! It doesn't have to be this way. Talk to our experts about your current plan, your requirements and needs - we will not only guide you through the process and ensure you have the most comprehensive coverage, we will also ensure that you have the most affordable coverage. We save our clients a lot of money.


Major Medical

Short Term Medical



Major medical health insurance plans cover expenses associated with hospitalization and serious or critical illness. These plans usually have deductibles that have to be paid by the patient before the remaining costs are covered by the insurer. They are also subject to co-pays or co-insurance that have to be paid by the patient. In terms of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) you cannot be denied coverage for preexisting conditions.

Short term medical insurance is not a substitute for a major medical plan that meets the minimal essential coverage as defined by the ACA. These plans, however, do provide temporary financial protection during unexpected coverage gaps for illness and injury while you are waiting for coverage to begin under an ACA qualified plan. To avoid the risk of penalty, apply for an ACA qualified plan as soon as you qualify.

Supplemental plans cover you and your family with the extra costs of hospitalization and serious illness. They can cover deductibles and co-pays, help pay for room and nurse fees, transportation, unexpected child care and other expenses. Essentially these plans pay for expenses not covered by your primary health insurance policy. Reimbursements are typically paid directly to you.

Length of Coverage

Can change ACA plans during Open Enrollment.You can change plans after Open Enrollment if you have a Qualifying Event.

Coverage can last from 30 - 364 days if you qualify as underwriting is required.



As long as premiums are up-to-date the plan stays in effect.



Premium and Costs

Premiums can be high though you might qualify for a tax credit depending on your income.

Premiums are typically much lower if you qualify . Policy underwriting is required.

Premiums are low covering high out of pocket expenses like the deductible. Dental can be added.

Preexisting Conditions

ACA plans are guaranteed issue and do not have preexisting limitation conditions.

No benefits are payable for preexisting conditions. These plans are not guaranteed issue.

supplemental health insurance

If you became seriously ill or were injured today, do you have the money to pay your total out-of-pocket expenses?

Serious illness and accidents happen - in an instant, everything can change!

...get a plan that pays cash benefits directly to you...

Affordable Supplemental Health plans to get you covered.