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Employee Wellness Program – Corporate and Business Plans

Happy and healthy employees enhance your business. Our Wellness Program will keep your costs under control

As health care costs keep rising every year; business owners need to be more vigilant and careful keeping these rising expenses under control - all while maintaining top-notch employee benefits and customized health care coverage. We can offer a solution where your employee benefit plan costs are substantially reduced, saving your business a lot of money!


programs for business employees promoting better health

An effective Wellness Program will have:

♦ Health Claim Reduction/Elimination

♦ Employee Information/Decision Assistance

♦ Cost Management

♦ Employer Data Management and Information

Wellness plans for corporations

Health Claim Reduction/Elimination

Through assessments and advocacy, reduce and eliminate the  number of health claims.

•  Active engagement in health initiatives

•  Disease management

•  Health risk assessments

•  Medical advocacy

•  Incentives for good health behaviors

Employee Information / Decision Assistance

Make your employees active participants in the decision making process.

•  Health grades system

•  Online resources

•  On site medical

•  Disease management

•  Medical tourism

Cost Management

Carefully monitoring health claims and managing costs

•  Medical claims processing audits

•  Fraud and abuse detection

•  Intelligent health claim surveillance

•  Prescription drug cost management

•  PPO discounts

•  Upfront claim financing

•  Individual negotiation 

Employer Data Management and Information

Tracking plan effectiveness and making necessary adjustments.

•  Constant tracking and reporting

•  Client specific reports

•  Regular client meetings

•  Comprehensive monthly reports

•  Options review

•  Predictive modeling

•  Introduction to other products of assistance


Employee wellness programs for business and corporations

If your Company reduced overall plan costs by 15% over a few years - would that make a difference?

For sure it would! Your employees would become healthier, productivity would increase, costs decrease, and your bottom-line would look much healthier.

Through advocacy and assessment your employees would play a key role in health claim reduction and plan savings. Employees would be  incentivised to participate in health improvement activities through effective outreach programs.

After payroll, employee benefit plans are the second largest expense - with a comprehensive set of Wellness Program risk management tools you can bring these costs under control.

Affordable Supplemental Health plans to get you covered.